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Chapter 50 - The Big Bad Wolf Ate Me

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  • The moment I arrived in the hot springs of Mount Thersa, that's when I realized I made a mistake. Over the dark horizon, the snow moon was taking form, beckoning me, mocking me with its crescent shape. Hell, it was day one of its phase and I was already too late to notice it.
  • I wouldn't have brought Serena here if I did, but the deed was done. What was left now was to have her swim in the hot spring and leave the place. Stat.
  • To remedy my problem, I told her an hour of swimming was enough. Normally, I'd be immune to its first and second phase unlike the other weres in my kingdom, so I deemed myself safe. I could behave, keep my hands to myself.
  • For now at least.
  • As the Alpha King, my sense of hearing was already superb, but I felt it was more sensitive now as Serena, naked for sure, continued to swim, creating splashes and waves like a nymph, and it was damn teasing me. I was super aware of her and I was a stupid man to allow myself in this precarious situation.
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