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Chapter 49 - Disarmed by the Queen

  • < Serena >
  • I kept my cool. I kept myself as accommodating as I could despite all the people surrounding me asking for my advice, for my supervision, and for simply my presence. With their king and prince both absent, they needed another royal to guide them and despite me being fake, I was the closest fit for the position.
  • As a result, I received many praises from the victims and the Alphas alike the entire course of the day. I appreciated it, but what I really cared about was their happy faces and the light of hope in their eyes.
  • I got those when the king and I delivered the last batch of fire victims to their quarters. They were my validation that I did my job right as queen.
  • Now, with me alone with the king—riding him even—I finally had ample time to think how grateful I was with his presence.
  • Honestly speaking, I never expected for him to help me or even to return so early from his meeting. I thought the meeting would span for days or that he would take his time there. Surely, he preferred to deal with faes than to deal with his wife. However, he was here and had willingly helped me even. That alone touched a string in my heart.
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