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Chapter 47 - Getting Friendly with the Faes

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  • I couldn't deny it, Ehnrelil boasted a beauty unlike any of the kingdoms I had come to visit. Just as I remembered, their ground looked like silver bricks. Their sky, a neon color of orange, blue and pink. Their houses were invisible, only arches of flowers and leaves gave clues to its existence. There were a variety of greenery in every corner I looked, all mixed up with the kingdom's glowing quality. There were waterfalls everywhere and with these waterfalls came mists that surrounded the greenery. Such was its sight, but a sight I couldn't stomach that long.
  • I was itching to go back to my own world, but due to royal duties, I had to stay until the crowning of Ehnrelil's new king. The way Queen Adna and High Elder Geraden gave me looks of contempt earlier didn't warrant any of my respect, but again, to show face, I had to attend the ritual.
  • But while waiting for that to happen, I decided to avoid any company. Choosing to spend my time on top one of Ehnrelil's towers, I looked down and observed the frenzy of the faes. They were a bunch of glittery, vomit-inducing shimmery creatures that were jovial for today's event. The fact that most of them in the streets were females all the more gave me a headache. The males, I reckon, were probably under armors and helmets, instructed to guard their posts or guard the coronation hall.
  • While watching, I then sensed someone behind me. I was supposed to be on guard, but no, this one was not hostile.
  • "Let me guess, you're scouting, right? Checking if the fae realm is any good for your weres to visit?"
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