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Chapter 43 - The Baltic Meadows

  • < Serena >
  • The Baltic Meadows.
  • I imagined it to be like those places on Earth where the grass stretched as far as the eyes could see, its flora a variety of colors, clear blue skies and fresh air. When we arrived, I found that it was exactly as what I imagined it to be and more. So much more.
  • Instead of plain green grass, the meadow here had a metallic attribute. When my heeled shoes touched the ground, it emitted a shimmering rainbow color, spreading around me and gradually fading. For a moment, I really thought I was in dreamland until I touched the grass and found it was real and as solid as my body.
  • The air was clean and slightly cold despite the glaring sun—the sun that actually had light blue halos around it. This was a key reminder I wasn’t on Earth anymore.
  • Facing north, I could only see hills upon hills of meadows. Turning west, the meadow broke and revealed snowy mountains. In the south, it exhibited rocky terrain, little greenery and a narrow road that we just traversed.
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