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Chapter 40 - Enjoying the Show

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  • With all the stimulation earlier—both in a figurative and literal sense—I decided to soak on the pool inside my bathroom. Rhea, for some reason, hadn't shown herself to me and so I just helped myself, loading the pool with oils and essences enough to take off the king's smell of cum on me. Not like I didn't like it. It just would only make me remember our time earlier and his desertion and it would consequently piss me off.
  • I tried hard to avoid remembering his face, his grunts, his uhmm...cock—its size and how handsome it was—or how he gloriously fingered me and with luck, it was a success. By the time I left the pool, I was refreshed and ready for a good night's sleep.
  • So far, not one servant--or anyone for that matter--bothered to request me back into the party, so I reckoned they didn't need me there anymore. That was fine by me. I didn't want to see Lord Hale again and risk myself getting bitten, or even to mingle with the guests and risk my secret from leaking under a case of loose lip.
  • Clothed in a beige, long-sleeved sleeping gown, I climbed up the large mattress and arranged the duvet to cover half of my body. I wasn't necessarily afraid of the dark, but I decided to leave the lampshade on. It provided an enough lighting to cast most of the room's darkness away.
  • Sleep easily came to me that in less than a minute, I was out cold, but like all the other nights before this, a very sexual, very erotic dream about the king and I began. I knew this because once I had groggily woke up in the middle of the night, I noticed my underwear already drenched underneath the duvet.
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