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Chapter 36 - A Sweet, Sweet Position

  • “So what if I’m human?” I grounded, putting as much courage on my voice despite how scared I was at the moment. “I’m married to the alpha king. I’m his wife.”
  • “Only for a moment I should say,” he boomeranged and grinned some more.
  • My brow arched up, unsure of what he was trying to say.
  • “Yes, I’m yet to learn of the truth of your arrangement between Aero, my queen, but I’m pretty sure now to declare that your marriage with him is just a front.”
  • It didn’t surprise me anymore how he got into that conclusion. It was clear to see he was an intelligent man. Instead of reacting with his declaration head on, I decided to turn the tables. It was my time to interrogate him.
  • “I’m certainly curious, Lord Hale, tell me. Why bother yourself with the drama of this realm? What do you get from seeking the truth?”
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