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Chapter 33 - The Banquet of the Wolves

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  • Said that it was customary for the king and queen to enter together during a party, so here I was, standing behind the door of the grand ballroom, waiting for her to arrive.
  • Let's be clear, I was forced to do this by Phanteon's tradition. If I had control, I would never wait for that woman in any given day, time or occassion. The fact that I was still married to her under the people's eyes added to my problem. It basically prohibited me from avoiding her and unfortunately forced me into approving the council's request for a banquet in her honor.
  • I had been waiting for almost fucking ten minutes, scowling; my mouth drawn into a grim line; my hands tightly clenched. I had no patience over such female preparations. Such outside appearance didn't matter when their character was still rotten to the core. It had sickened me watching these stupid women flaunt their fineries in the past, it still sickened me today, and this night didn't hold any difference.
  • My wolf however thought otherwise. It howled inside when it felt a sudden pull behind me. I gaped, my mind turning blank when after turning around, I saw a shimmering gown float effortlessly towards me. It was in some shade of pink and blue, framed my surprise...a thick white robe that spilled to the floor.
  • I'd recognize this robe anywhere. It was created for the queen...for the first luna...but my whore of a mother never used it because she didn't like the pureness of the color. She preferred a red robe just like my father's. That was exactly the reason why I had never worn the king's robe. It was tainted with her distasteful memory.
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