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Chapter 26 - Lies and Worries

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  • For the first time ever, I was glad the healers in my kingdom were mostly female. Three of the best lined up to meet me in my throne room when I summoned for them. They were nervous inside. I could easily sense it as I gave them a careful once-over.
  • "You will be taking care of the queen. She is sick. I want to know everything about her status, her prognosis and the medications she will take."
  • By the mention of the queen, their eyes somehow lit up. They looked at each other and nodded subtly before one curly-haired healer said, "It is an honor for us to heal the queen, Your Majesty. We will do our best."
  • "William, take them to my chamber," I ordered, looking at my beta who was dressed in his official royal uniform of emerald green and gold. As my first cousin on the father's side, he was the best man for the position. Plus, he was skilled in combat and politics. Like Elijah, he was indispensable.
  • He lowered his head first before guiding the healers out of my throne room. I sighed thereafter, thinking of just how much this arrangement had gone out of control.
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