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Chapter 18 - The Queen in Action

  • < Serena >
  • Vampires.
  • They were just myths playing a man's mind, romanticized by writers and overused by television shows in my world. But after spending time in Phanteon and actually seeing a real werewolf, I knew better now that vampires really exist too and my best guess was, I am in their realm.
  • I was never a fan of vampires. The gore, the blood, the fangs, the sleeping in the coffin, and all that creepy turning-into-a-bat stuff. I wished they were all just creations of a writer’s mind to keep readers on their toes. However, judging from my situation and the other women with me in this room, I was beginning to think otherwise. After all, why kidnap human females if not for their blood right?
  • I felt the color drain my face as reality hit me and soon, my eyes brimmed with tears. However, I wasn't a crier. I had never been one, so I held it back. Now was not the time to be emotional. Now was the time to escape.
  • As I formulated a plan in my mind, I saw the women around me one by one pass through the door connected to the other side of the room. I saw blondie and her friend leave too. She didn't say goodbye to me. She just said good luck and with that, I knew I had to do something to curb this fate of mine.
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