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Chapter 91 : What next?

  • Ella: 
  • Next, Lisa led me to the guest room which was at least ten times bigger than my childhood bedroom. There were glass curtain walls, barrel-vaulted ceilings, velvet upholstery, custom-designed Pucci furniture, and envy-inducing Pisacco artworks.
  • I instantly climbed onto the bed and Ahhh, I felt like I was floating on Cloud 9. My sore back cried in joy feeling the lavish layers of premium-quality natural fiber in the mattress and base. The headboard was made out of teakwood and had no inlets. Phew, (chuckling to myself) at least he wouldn’t be able to tie me to the bed this time. Jumping up and down on the bed, I start dancing while crooning to James Brown...“I feel good, te na na na na na na...I thought that I couldn’t…(moving my butt) te na na na na na good...I got you…owwww!!!”
  • “That was quite a performance Miss Ella” I swung around caught off guard by the sound of someone clapping. It was Lisa, my...MY BUTLER!!
  • Nervously smiling, I respond, “Hehe thanks Lisa, everything alright?” I saw that she had wheeled in a long clothing rack hung with all sorts of fine couture in the room.
  • “Yes Ma’am, just wanted to let you know dinner is ready to be served at 8 pm. These clothes have been personally tailored for you in case you need a fresh set of clothing” she formally conveyed, smiled, and left.
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