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Chapter 89 : “M I N E”

  • Ella:
  • By the time I got out of the bathroom, my breakfast of eggs on avocado toast served with almonds, cashews, and a pistachio milkshake was waiting for me in bed. I was feeling so much better already after gobbling all of the deliciousness. James was nowhere to be found, he must have gone to work. WORK!
  • Oh my God!! I am so screwed, All of this was such a mess that I forgot to inform Jen and Helen about my current state. They were all at the party yesterday, did they already know? What happened after I blacked out? I have so many questions for Mr. Holt...where is he? I quickly scurry off the bed to hunt for my phone, my bag was nowhere to be found...on the sofa, the coffee table, under the bed?
  • “You’re definitely won’t find me there!” James stood leaning against the door flashing his notorious grin. Rolling my eyes, I quipped, “Very funny” and continued my search. I was so busy scanning the room I did not realize the naughty sly fox slowly creeping up from behind me. Wrapping his arms around my waist, he hugged me from behind asking, “What are you looking out for?”
  • Tilting my head backward, I rest my head on his strong chest sighing, “In all this mayhem, I forgot to inform Jen, my manager, that I probably won’t be able to work for the next few days. (Turning around to face him) Also, I’m sure Helen must be worried crazy after not hearing from me. Now that I’m being discharged, I need to call her so that she can pick me up and drop me home if only I knew where my stupid phone was!”
  • “Is that it? I have banished your phone far away into non-existence. Jen and Helen shall be informed with time. For now, I’m taking you home and keeping you under my strict vigilance until you can fling your arms like a cute duckling again” he flapped his arms mimicking a duck making me laugh out loud.
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