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Chapter 86 : Air-lifted

  • James:
  • Throngs of people had started gathering along the hallway to see what the commotion was about. My security guards instantly formed a human wall to manage the situation. Still physically holding me back, David gently whispered, “Mr. Holt, I know you’re beyond furious, but I think we need to defuse the situation and get Ms. Ella medical help as soon as possible.” Dominic added, “He’s right James, please calm down, in the meanwhile, I will make sure this man gets arrested and jailed for life”
  • The state police had arrived by then and started taking charge. Sensing my anger had toned down a bit, my men let me go. I inhale a few deep breaths and compose myself. Looking down at Ella and the state she was in, I feel a sense of mortification creeping in. As I see the police handcuffing the man, roughing him away, I land another punch on his face roaring, “How dare you touch my fiance?” 
  • The whole crowd was stunned and I almost bit my tongue after saying it, but you know what? I don’t care what you think...I’m going to nurse her back into health and make her mine. As a female doctor bent down to touch her I protectively declared, “Nobody will lay a finger on her!” Addressing the medic I stated, “Doctor, I will not lay her on some random stretcher in an emergency van, please prepare the best suite available in your hospital, I will bring her there personally much faster. Looking at David I sternly directed, “prepare the helipad for takeaway”
  • I dressed her up as best as I could. She murmured faintly, “please help…save me from him!” Gently picking her up in my arms, I whispered kissing her forehead, “Shhh my baby girl, I’m here now, everything is going to be okay!”
  • My security guards start paving the path towards the aerodrome. Ignoring all the sighs, unnecessary attention from scores of people, and flashes of cameras going bezerk, I quickly rush and place her gently inside the helicopter. Ditching the flight suit, I swiftly wear the helmet and gloves instructing, "Four Seasons Tower, helicopter 727JH, six north west, outbound Jetwest with Tyke"
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