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Chapter 84 : Unfair Dismissal

  • James:
  • As I got up that Saturday morning, things felt a tad different. Damn!! I was officially old now. “Happy Birthday!!” Mum entered my bedroom screaming in her shrill voice with excitement. Apparently, the whole house was decorated with honeycomb balloons and happy birthday banners. 
  • Surprisingly, more than my birthday, I was rather anxious about Ella’s answer having pushed for a reply on the contract by the end of today. As the day passed by with numerous calls and fittings, I wondered if she had even opened the contract, the suspense was killing me! Thank God, Glen did not talk to mum about April 14th else there would be some major explaining to do!
  • Come evening and Vanessa had magically appeared in my condo on the pretext of having the first drink for the evening with mum. “Awww there’s our birthday boy looking all handsome in his three-piece suit! (Hugging me), mum took my annoyance one step further by saying, “Doesn’t Vanessa look like an absolute delight tonight?” (Arghhh why won’t mum just stop matching us up all the time despite endless explanations from my end!) Well! she looked like a glittering low voltage light bulb to me in that tight shimmery gown but of course, I politely nodded in agreement.
  • Upon reaching the venue, I was literally mobbed for a photo session by the paparazzi. With Vanessa keen to stick by my side for the night, I had to tackle awkward press questions about getting back together with her, while she of course made the most of the attention. I greeted all the head honchos of all of our affiliate subsidiaries making small talk, as my eyes searched for only one person...Ella...and caught her looking at me from the other end of the ballroom. 
  • Time seemed to hit the pause button whenever we looked at each other. I don’t think she even realized the effect her mere presence was having on the rest of the people around her. She looked away walking to the other side quickly. Perhaps, she wanted to talk to me. Man!! was she a vision, nonchalantly waltzing through the ballroom, her bare long legs peeking as she walked towards the seating table with long strides. 
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