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Chapter 80 : Happy Birthday!

  • Ella:
  • Swinging around, I almost spilled my drink, only to be disappointed to see who was beside him sighing, “So does she, that’s Miss Long Legs-Vanessa, consultant and the perfect girlfriend.” She looked svelte in a tight shimmery gold gown, smiling bright, her hands firmly wound around James. My heart sank a good few meters below the ground!
  • Just at that very moment, James saw me watching him and I froze for a split second before turning my back again. Shittt, why did I do that? My heart was beating so fast, I thought it would pop out of my chest any moment.
  • “I don't think they are a couple, Ella, I saw the look in his eyes back there, and I know you have a thing for him as well...According to the Helen scale of chemistry...gurl he is totally into you. Now that floozy doozy might be perfect but she ain't you doll!” Helen commented, to make me feel better after probably noticing how embarrassed I was a few minutes ago!
  • I was still lost in my thoughts as Helen pulled my hand forcing me to get up begging, “Can we please go to the floor and shake some leg for the mixer dance!? My libido is rising by the minute looking at all the meat gathered here tonight” 
  • “I don't feel like prancing Helen...besides this dress is too cumbersome!! I lied to her face half-heartedly. Deep down I knew a part of me wanted to be by his side as his date, slowly dancing in his arms as his hands traced my curves all night...
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