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Chapter 73 : Emotional Gamut

  • Ella:
  • Arghhhhh...I was boiling with anger as I got out of the Holt office chambers. He had his men following me the entire time monitoring my every move so that he could manipulate my choices. How controlling could someone be? Nobody has driven me this insane before! But really what option do I have anyway? I was definitely not rendered homeless because of him, it was due to Mary and Bridget, jobless...perhaps but marrying him to have a job and home? Does he think he can buy me with money?
  • Ridden with these thoughts, I went back to my office only to be greeted by Jen and Diedre down the hallway. Looking at me like proud mothers both of them beamed as they hugged me at once. Jen spoke, “Congratulations Ella, I knew you would do it, we officially have the much-awaited Holt Enterprise account”
  • Diedre added, “Their account manager seems to be quite difficult to deal with Ella, I don’t know how you managed to achieve this feat! Kudos to you for your hard work and never giving up even once. I was just telling Jen all the late nights and field visits that you juggled so effortlessly have finally paid off!
  • Thinking to myself, All these good things will change once I turn his marriage proposal down. (Sighing) “Well, how does it matter? Tomorrow is my last day anyway, I replied walking away too lost and dejected to pack up for the day. Helen was sitting in my chair chatting away with Jane as she squealed, “Look who’s here, Cinderella finally managed to grab her prince by his balls”
  • My face fell down as I answered, “It actually happens to be the other way around, he is one of the most demanding and shrewd clients I have ever dealt with”
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