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Chapter 71 : Last minute requirement

  • Ella:
  • I marched out of his office, barely acknowledging Vanessa who had one of her ears plastered to the wall. Hurrying across the hallway, with a hundred emotions running through my head, I slumped on one of the benches. What the hell just happened in there? Was there something which was meant to be between us?
  • Business managers and directors negotiate and play dirty politics to get a better deal all the time in our jobs. Why was I so angry with him all the time? Perhaps because he had it and women at his feet and I did not want to be one of them. Well, enough figured out for today! I started feeling better on my way home...well Helen’s home...but at least it was devoid of stress and drama. Brrrrrr...I shivered as the wind ran to my legs all the way up my bare bottoms. Trying to brush off the vision of him tearing my underwear, I shake my head pondering, “That man is an animal”
  • Following a good night’s sleep I head out for office on Thursday, tomorrow would be my last day at work, hopefully, onboarding has started processing the contract I left with Diedre yesterday. Yes, I went all the way back to the office yesterday at 8 pm because we cannot carry confidential documents home. Luckily I chanced upon Diedre who was working late and gracefully agreed to document receiving the contract. Entering her cabin with a Starbucks coffee I quip, “Good morning, (handing her the cup) just wanted to thank you for accepting my contract outside office hours yesterday”
  • “Oh you’re so sweet Ella” she replied all smiles and grew concerned the very next moment continuing, “I just received an email from the CEO of Holt Enterprises itself, Mr James, to cease the process momentarily as he wanted to add a few clauses to the contract and has scheduled a meeting with you at 11 am today. Do you think you can make it?” She asked. 
  • “Of course I can” I replied and bid goodbye while taking a few notes from Jen as well for negotiation. It’s good that the meeting was in the morning as opposed to the usual evenings where things would heat up. This was also precisely the reason for wearing trousers today. LOL, “Phew” I managed to reach on time, after completing formalities I reached his cabin. It would be tremendously awkward facing him following last night’s events if only my job wasn’t on the line! Knocking his door anxiously I ask, “Can I come in?”
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