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Chapter 62 : Mr. Murphy strikes again

  • Ella: 
  • I need to focus on giving my best shot for the next few days. It was turning out to be incredibly difficult to deal with Mr. Holt. Maybe that’s why Joe and all the others warned me beforehand. I was seething with anger after storming out of the office the other day after he rudely dismissed me “How dare he? What does he think of himself? He can shove his account up his...I will add the Alfatel account as fast as possible to my kitty and be done with it.”
  • I quickly finish my breakfast and head out of the door. No time to prepare any food for the lazy asses as I had to catch up with the onboarding team before 9 am else they are forever on run citing ridiculous excuses. I am sure Mary and my step-sisters can fend for themselves for once.
  • As I entered the second floor, I saw Diedre, the team lead for onboarding heading towards me saying, “Hey Good morning Ella, I was about to come onto your floor to meet you”
  • I reply nervously, “Good morning Diedre, I hope you were coming to deliver some good piece of news, like we managed to onboard Alfatel ahead of the usual deadline”
  • She smiled politely replying, “I wish I could’ve said that but Mr. Johnson, Alfatel’s global manager left a very concise email saying they would not like to continue with the process or be associated with Accent in any way. That email has been forwarded to you and Jen by my team”
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