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Chapter 60 : Listen before you speak

  • James:
  • “So Mr. Holt did you consume a drink or two more than what you normally would have?” Dr. Gene asked. I had called our in house medic to briefly assess my case as I had been feeling uneasy all morning.
  • “No, I just had a glass of champagne, post which I appeared to be dazed, my head started hurting and everything eventually blurred out. Today when I got up in the morning, it took me a good few minutes to even stand erect. More surprisingly, for someone with the memory of an elephant, I cannot seem to recollect even a single moment from last night” I explained frustrated beating myself over and over again about last night’s events. What if I actually slept with Bridget and she was telling the truth? 
  • “What about the rest of the day before that? Have you experienced such situations or symptoms before?” he investigated further.
  • “No Doctor, I’m generally quite a social drinker other than an occasional drink at night perhaps but I do know my limits” I replied earnestly.
  • The doctor checked my temperature, pulse and blood pressure stating everything seemed to be normal adding, “Let’s take a blood, urine and hair sample for running some additional tests.”
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