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Chapter 57 : Spike and strike!

  • Bridget:
  • The bedroom was a stark contrast from the art gallery themed living room. There was a huge leather headboard surrounded by a four poster bed. Weird! I thought I wouldn’t see one in this century. The globe pendant lights and a stunning Robert Vandal chandelier gave the bedroom a very sexy and seductive vibe. Who was this man? I thought I had him figured out.
  • This turned me on all the more as I swirled around playfully to see him looking bewildered. The gorgeous man was wearing a soft linen shirt and white pyjamas. From the way they hung, I could make out that he wasn’t wearing any underwear. I was quite astonished to see the size of his normal dick hanging loosely between his thighs and reached out to touch him there.
  • “What are you doing lady...ahmm Bridget?” he replied, trying to push my hands away.
  • I put my arms around his neck, looking at him I seductively murmured, “Hmmmm...don’t act all innocent, I am only doing what you want me to Mr. Holt, my pussy has been pining to be pounded by your big cock!” rubbing my hips against his limp mass trying to awaken the power inside it, kissing him on his neck and reaching for his mouth.
  • I wasn’t expecting him to resist so much as he jostled me away sternly retaliating, “You’re not keeping well and need to rest, I will...ahmm see you tomorrow morning” and started to step back.
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