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Chapter 37 : Deception

  • Bridget:
  • “Guess who just asked me out?” I proudly ask my colleague Sarah while walking out of the office. This week was turning out to be the best ever!
  • “That ginger head Harry, is it?” she teased as Harry was totally obsessed with me since Day One. He literally followed me around like a love-sick puppy much to my annoyance, somebody had to show him his place and I told him off last week, thank god!!
  • “Ughh, don’t kill my buzz, it’s our CEO, James Holt!” I replied, relishing her expression as her eyes grew wide with disbelief and jealousy.
  • “Nooooo, omg, you’re such a lucky biatch!” she responded enviously, giving me just the high that I needed. Burn all you whor**, this bone is all mine and mine alone!
  • After shopping for a pristine blue Privenchy gown for the fundraiser and downing a few drinks, I bid Sara goodbye and headed home on a limb unable to contain my excitement. The moment I see Mary I scream out loud with happiness, “Mommykins, James wants me to be his formal date for his family’s fundraiser, I think he might be introducing me to his family” hugging her tight for a good fifteen minutes.
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