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Chapter 36 : Making of the mystery girl

  • Bridget:
  • I literally had to change my hair colour from dark blonde to brown overnight. Ohhh all of this effort better be worth it! Taking oodles of volume mousse, I slather it on my damp poker straight hair and comb it all the way with a wide toothed comb. 
  • To add on some more drama I spray some sort of a curl enhancing liquid. I flip my hair down, using the diffuser attachment on my hair-dryer I blast the hell out of it. I followed all the steps from this curly haired Mytube blogger to the last word, she seemed to have this sorted.
  • I flip my hair back to end up looking like a bird would hatch eggs in my hair anytime soon. Oh what the hell? I had no idea curly girls had it so bad. I tie my hair into a messy bun and slip into a daring shirt dress and pop a few extra front buttons open so James does not miss the view of my lacy white Vanessa’s secret bralette.
  • “Mooooooommmm I am leaving!” I scream out loud as I hustle down the stairs.
  • “OMG, What in the name of lord is that!?” Mary screeched in her over dramatic tone.
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