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Chapter 35 : Piece of my mind

  • Ella:
  • Mary released my hair forcing me to look in her direction and slapped me hard across my face, the sound ringing in my ears for a good few seconds. “How dare you lie to our faces and stab our backs like this after all the things I have done for you?” she barked.
  • I normally would’ve cried under such circumstances but she had physically abused me on so many occasions over the years that my tears had dried up now. I wanted to slap her right back but, I still needed a roof over my head until I saved enough to move out, so I was under a certain obligation.
  • Taking a deep breath, I firmly replied, “Mary this will be the last time you ever touch me, I have been pushed around like a maid for years so don’t you dare tell me how grateful I should be!”
  • Mary charged towards me again like a wild bull raging with anger but I just showed my hand to her indicating enough was enough. Much to her and Bridget’s surprise, I continued, “And as for the justification, Yes, I wore that dress from Aunt Daisy’s boutique for my date with Joe, post which I went to the party which turned out to be a Masquerade Bash. I was drunk and thought I was dancing with Joe but it turned out to be an arrogant jerk named James. Yes, he dragged me out of that party where there were all of these paparazzis flashing their cameras at us but upon realising it wasn’t Joe, I broke free from his grasp and took a cab straight home”
  • There was no way I was going to speak about my break-up with Joe or the night I almost spent with James since none of them mattered to me.
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