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Chapter 32 : Bridget

  • Bridget:
  • I walked out of the cabin, still trying to digest that the girl in that red dress could be ugly Ella!!?? Thank god! I heard James go on and on about his mystery girl. I had been dying to find out who she was but she seemed so evasive at the party and then they both disappeared.
  • Imagine my surprise when I recognised the gold chain and pendant lying around on James’s table. Ofcourse, I stole it on the pretext of fainting due to being under the weather. 
  • Sigh, I couldn’t stop drooling when James carried me in his strong masculine arms where I would’ve been the other night if he had not asked that wretch to dance with him. I had flirted with him earlier on and I could see the sparks flying until… I swear if this turns out to be that ugly duckling I will make sure she wishes she wasn’t born.
  • She was all over New York’s Society magazine with Mr.Holt’s arms around her. The tagline of all tabloids reading, Who is the stunning beauty with James Holt? Mr.Holt has finally met his match! Arghhhhhhh! It should have been ME, ME and only ME!!!
  • I head straight over to 54th Street, 75th Avenue, Manhattan, New York, YES, that’s my effing house. The taxi driver dropped James’s mystery girl at this address. Momma and Beatrice were in the Hamptons, only Ella was at home or maybe she wasn’t, I shall soon find out.
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