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Chapter 28 : Monday Blues

  • Ella: 
  • “Hmmmm...stop it James!” I tried discipling him to stop grazing my inner thighs but he wouldn’t listen, the stubborn brat that he was. His hands make it’s way past my soaking wet panty and beep beep beep, what the hell is that? I open my eyes to the loud alarm I had set at 6 am for work. It takes me a second to realise, I was in my house and not at the Four Seasons. Dreaming about James seriously!? I don’t believe myself at times!
  • I freshen up and go about my chores for the day as my evil family could arrive any minute from their fancy vacation. Today I felt like dressing up a bit for work; I pulled out a black knee length dress and slipped a plaid blazer on top securing it with a belt. I accessorise my dress with a few finger rings, my go to ear studs and my eternal chain.
  • Ahmmm where is my chain? I get a mini panic attack rummaging my cupboard, bed, dressing table everywhere except, shit! Did it fall off last night? Oh no! I slap my hand across my forehead for not carrying out a quick check before I left! I cannot even go back, I lost the only piece of jewellery that ever mattered to me! Dejected, but maybe I could go to our family jeweller to get a replica made and I could fill them up from the pictures in our family album. That consoled me a bit as I stepped out of my house to go to work.
  • I grab my Starbucks pumpkin spiced latte latte and a croissant on the way for the much needed sugar rush on Mondays.
  • “Hey hey, Ella, my girl had been naughty this weekend,” said Helen, looking down at the bright red hickey on my neck. 
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