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Chapter 25 : Keep the change

  • Ella:
  • He looked at me all amused, “ It’s my chief officer babygirl; For your information, this room is soundproof and if you yell any further, I will inform him to call the police and arrest you for breaking into my suite”
  • I stopped yelling not wanting to get into any further trouble, he smiled knowing he had made his point and walked towards the door. After having a brief conversation, he came back, wore his coat and spoke, “I will be back in ten minutes, until then stay put, well you are tied anyways!”
  • “You can’t leave me like this you jerk!” I yelled again.
  • “Shhh my wild lioness,” he puts his finger across my supple lips tracing them, lust building up in his eyes again, “I won’t leave you once I’m back!” and he quickly shuts the door behind me.
  • Who did he think he was? I felt sober all of a sudden. 
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