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Chapter 16 : Surprise Reveal

  • Ella:
  • I open the door to see Joe standing beside his priced red Ford Fiesta wearing a classic white shirt and grey trousers. His shirt is slightly open to highlight the dragon tattoos from his favourite movie series “Fast and Furious”. 
  • Two passersby on the footpath stop in their tracks. Their pupils dilate for a few seconds when they see me open the door and descend down the stairs. I was totally loving the attention although I only wanted it only from Joe for tonight. 
  • I shyly smile walking towards him as I notice him gaping at me like never before..
  • “Oh there you are, you look absolutely amazing” he kisses me passionately and I respond with equal fervour. “Let’s celebrate, shall we?”Joe whispers as he opens the car door for me. 
  • This was the exact reaction I was expecting! I liked how nervous he got when he just saw me...normally on most days, he would be this talkative extrovert who displayed a lot of swag. 
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