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Chapter 113 : Promise

  • Ella:
  • I woke up to the feeling of someone planting a warm kiss on each eye and then my forehead. Cooing, I dreamily opened my peepers to find James seated beside my bed, looking at me so adoringly, it made me melt.
  • “Good morning Mr. Holt, you’re up early?” I blushed.
  • “Yeah, have a couple of meetings set across the Asian time zones so gotta rush now. Just remembered, you have your spicy bachelorette today, enjoy one of your few last single nights but be good because I’m the bad one here” he threatened, suggestively untying my night-robe.
  • “Stop it or you’ll be late!!” I protested, shyly clutching onto my modesty. He looked deeply into my eyes, kissed my lips for a good few minutes, and let go chuckling, “ I’ve never behaved this well for quite long, (letting go of me) enjoy yourself little one!”
  • Dreamily prancing around, I took a bath and wore a fresh set of navy blue sweats, they were so trendy nowadays. I had a long fun day ahead of me after the horrible one I had yesterday. The girls had warned me to wear the tiniest sexiest dress and be ready by 6 pm. 
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