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Chapter 112 : Two-part strategy

  • Bridget:
  • I quickly rush out of the building not even waiting for momma. The whole pretense of being a happy sister and family during that conversation grossed me out. I should have been living with Mr. Holt in that luxurious condo, being waited upon by concierges, dressed in Dior and diamonds overlooking the NYC skyline...not that (anger slowly seeping inside my every cell again)
  • “Bridget, where are you going? Will you wait for a second?” Momma huffed and puffed, as she finally caught up with me.
  • “You managed to ruin the day for me, I don’t understand why we came to meet her in the first place?”
  • “Because I wanted to know what she was up to? Back home, I could easily keep an eye on her but now!” Momma replied explaining...
  • But I was in no mood to understand. Cutting her off, I rattled angrily, “well well, my own mother couldn’t stop gushing over my step-sister’s happiness knowing that she stole her real’s daughter’s potential husband!!! In fact, why don’t you walk her down the aisle?” I sarcastically asked Mary.
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