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Chapter 10 : Gold-digger

  • Ella:
  • Time seemed to be flying with just under a week left for Christmas. I had started tidying the house up since advent. The curtains and bed-sheets were changed with fresh linen, carpets vacuumed till every speck of dirt had vanished. Today after dinner, I would start reassembling the artificial Christmas tree stored in the attic.
  • I miss the days when Dad and I would go hunting with an axe for evergreen conifers, normally a spruce tree. We’d load our stash at the back of our car and stop for a cup of hot chocolate at a nearby cafe. Although I made a decent Christmas spread, Mum’s turkey and gravy was to die for.
  • As I lay the table for dinner, Bridget enters the house and slams the door, that was her way of declaring that she’s home. From the size of her shopping bags it looked like she had been on a massive spending spree.
  • “I’ve already had my dinner, cut some fruits for me quickly!” she snaps her fingers at me.
  • Later during dinner, Beatrice started bickering about how her friends were going to Paris without her because of a petty fight they had. I quietly finished my dinner for I had better things to do than listening to people whine away.
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