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Chapter 10 It’s Her?!

  • At that moment, the Nolan Residence was in a chaotic mess.
  • Old Man Nolan had already been unconscious for a week. Moreover, his blood pressure had soared and he was in danger of cerebral hemorrhage at any time. Therefore, everybody was extremely anxious. Even so, nobody dared to call the shots and operate on him. After all, the old man was already in his eighties. Who could guarantee that he would safely survive the operation?
  • “Let me try. Although it’s risky to operate, it’s still better than letting Grandpa die, right?” Penny Nolan said.
  • She was Eugene’s younger half-sister from a different mother. More importantly, she held a doctorate in medicine and currently worked at the Department of Neurology at Summer City’s hospital.
  • As soon as the words came out of her mouth, some of the elders surrounding the old man looked hesitant.
  • They believed in Penny’s medical abilities. After all, she was the youngest in the family to obtain a doctorate in medicine and was also the youngest neurological expert in the hospital. Still, Old Man Nolan was rather old and frail. Besides, none of them actually called the shots in this family.
  • Right at that moment, Jade arrived with Olivia in tow. When she took in the situation in the room, she immediately dragged Olivia with her as she stepped forward and hurriedly piped up, “Wait! Penny! This is Miss Maxwell! Nathan told me she is very skillful and has managed to cure many people! Moreover, Miss Maxwell mentioned that she can treat Grandpa without performing surgery on him! Let her try treating him first!”
  • Upon hearing that, Penny looked at Olivia suspiciously. When she saw that Olivia had a child by her side, she immediately revealed an expression of contempt.
  • How dare a lowly housewife try to steal my limelight?!
  • “Jade, where did you find this woman? She even brought unnecessary baggage with her! Can she really cure Grandpa?”
  • Olivia’s expression changed drastically at those words.
  • In the past, Nathan had told Jade about Olivia’s abilities. Although he was normally a troublemaker, he was still rather reliable when it came to matters relating to his great-grandpa’s illness. At the very least, he would never bring in a quack doctor to treat Old Man Nolan. Therefore, Jade had a lot of trust in Olivia and her abilities.
  • Thus, when she heard the words uttered by Penny, her expression changed greatly, and she immediately said, “Shut up, Penny. Miss Maxwell here was invited over by Nathan. He told me she can cure Old Man Nolan’s sickness. So, you better treat her with more respect and let her have a try!”
  • “Let her have a try? Is Grandpa’s life something we can toy with so casually? I don’t even dare to say that I can cure him completely. Yet, you brought in somebody whose origins are completely unknown. Who’s going to take responsibility if something happens?”
  • Jade seemed slightly taken aback—she didn’t know how to refute those words.
  • Olivia suddenly found the entire situation incredibly ridiculous. “Excuse me, miss. If you won’t even let me examine the patient, how will you know I can’t cure him?”
  • After saying that, she strode past Penny and eyed the old man lying on the bed. According to Nathan, his great-grandpa was already in his eighties.
  • Old Man Nolan lay on the bed, looking rather haggard. Moreover, he seemed to be suffering from great pain.
  • Even if a patient this elderly, where most of his bodily functions were no longer healthy or in peak condition, were to be cured of his cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases through surgery, his body would not be able to withstand the long-term recovery of his external wounds! When that happens, it would only cause even more complications, and whether or not he could survive the process was uncertain.
  • Penny became furious. Stepping forward, she pulled Olivia away. “Stop right there! Who do you think you are?! Do you know who that is, lying on the bed? If anything happens to him, do you think you can bear the responsibility for it?”
  • In response, Olivia stared at her with cold eyes. “If you cared for your grandpa, you shouldn’t stop me at a time like this.”
  • “He is my grandpa! So, I have the right to be suspicious of you! Bring me your medical credentials and practicing certificates! Also, show me proof of where you worked before and what kind of illnesses you’ve treated in the past! If you are as good as you say you are, then I’ll let you treat him!”
  • Just then, Eugene arrived at the entrance of the Nolan Residence after rushing over. Thus, his assistant, Connor, hurriedly rushed out to meet him. “President Nolan, you’re here! Young Lady Jade and Young Lady Penny are about to fight!”
  • Eugene said nothing. Instead, he hastened his steps, hurriedly heading toward the courtyard where Old Man Nolan was.
  • Unexpectedly, he heard a cold and disdainful voice as soon as he stepped through the door. “Your family is truly interesting! Mrs. Baker, I only came here because Nathan asked me to. Let me be honest with you; Old Man Nolan’s condition cannot be delayed for much longer. Whether or not you want me to treat him, that’s entirely up to you. After all, the opportunity to treat a patient is also up to fate. If we don’t have that fate, then I won’t force myself on you.”
  • He frowned deeply. This voice? Why does it sound so familiar?
  • Thus, he quickly headed inside. Upon entering the courtyard, he instantly froze in surprise when he saw the woman standing there.
  • It’s the thief that came to the company for an interview yesterday! Why is she here?