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Chapter 75 – Heated Up

  • ***
  • Writer's POV:
  • Believe it or not, two days later, it was Saïda's dowry day. Preparations were being made on that day as from the morning. The Queen personally took things into her hands as she considered Saïda as a daughter and Djafar a brother and friend. The sultan was absent but was going to return right before Saïda's engagement ceremony in the next four days.
  • While Djafar, with the help of the Queen and all servants, rushed about that morning to get things ready for the future in-laws who would be coming in the afternoon, Saïda was not bothered and was with Asahd in his room.
  • ---
  • "How do you feel?" Asahd asked with a smile, leaning against a table in his room, his arms folded.
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