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Chapter 64 – Unexpected

  • ***
  • Writer's POV:
  • After all the guests had left, Asahd went to have a private discussion with his parents in their chamber. They had a long touching chat during which Asahd apologised sincerely to each of them. He told them about how the people he was surrounded by, including Djafar and Saïda, helped him realise that not everyone was born with a golden spoon in his or her mouth. Not every one had loving parents, not everyone had what to eat, what to wear and where to stay. He was sorry for the way he'd treated them and everyone else around him. He begged for their forgiveness, crying at their feet while on his knees.
  • This had surprised and touched his parents very much. They were so happy to see that he was sincere and truly remorseful for his past behavior. They were grateful he'd been able to realise most of his mistakes in a few months. They couldn't ask for anything better. Their prayers had been answered and a whole new and different Asahd had returned to them.
  • ***
  • A week passed since Asahd had returned and everyone could clearly see the change. He wasn't rude with the palace's employees like he used to be. Even when he wanted something, he would ask politely instead of giving them orders in the rudest of manners.
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