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Chapter 50 – Can Run, Can’t Hide

  • ***
  • Writer's POV:
  • And so it went on for the rest of that week. They were okay with each other, laughed and still made jokes. And whenever it was more than Asahd and he tried to kiss her, and though most of the time she wanted it, she would still say the words and he would stop.
  • 'Maybe all these foreign feelings will disappear once I get married to Noure. I can't wait to go back to Zagreh...'
  • Saïda thought in the silence and darkness of her room, one night. Asahd had gone on a date with Allison and her father was in the living room.
  • The more the days passed, the more she was wanting to be in Asahd's arms. They'd even stopped hugging because it always led to something else. A simple hug and the feel of his body against hers was almost enough to make her give up all resistance. At a point she even thought of avoiding him but it was useless. There was no way.
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