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Chapter 43 – Guilty

  • ***
  • Saïda's POV:
  • I stirred in sleep and yawned a little. I rubbed my eyes and slowly opened them. Waiting for my vision to adjust, I finally realised where I was. I was still in the tent.
  • I turned to my other side and I was face to face with Asahd. My heart skipped a beat, even though he was still asleep. Thoughts of the previous night immediately rushed into my mind.
  • 'Oh gawd...what did I do? ...Asahd, what did we do?...'
  • I felt my tummy turn and goosebumps take over my skin. The guilt and confusion I felt were undescribable. Why did we do that? Why did we let the other do what they were doing. I stared at him while he slept.
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