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Chapter 34 – Sweet Scents

  • ***
  • Asahd's POV:
  • The night ended perfectly and we all retired to our rooms. I was glad to have made Saïda happy. Honestly, I just couldn't stay like that without getting her something. I needed to and had succeeded. That cake had indeed cost me a lot of my saved money, but I had no regrets. I would work as much as possible to replace what I'd used to buy her that birthday cake. It hadn't been easy to buy it and sneak it into the house, but I'd succeeded.
  • I'd bought it in the afternoon when Saïda had been busy chatting with Noure on phone in her room and Djafar had gone out to withdraw some money.
  • I'd then hidden it in my room till evening.
  • While Saïda had been dressing up that night and Djafar was showering, I got it out and put it in the fridge, hoping none of them would go get something from the fridge before we left. And it worked. Right after I'd put it in the fridge, I returned to my room to finish dressing up. Then I stepped out and waited for some minutes until when Saïda finally stepped out, all dressed up. It'd been perfect.
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