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Chapter 8 Take It

  • (TYRON)
  • At last, some quiet place. It was what I needed.
  • My head was throbbing but thankfully the tears had stopped. I closed my eyes and tried to block the memories from coming back again. How I wished something could make me forget my miseries. Something to live for, especially now that a person dear to me was gone.
  • I wiped the wetness off my cheeks and attempted to savor the peace.
  • The chirping of cicadas…
  • The gentle rustling of trees...
  • The cool night air brushing against my nape…
  • Until a loud sound and the shuffling of small rocks destroyed the quiet. I swiftly turned my head around to see who or what it was. My body moved on its own when I saw it was a woman on the ground. But she has already stood up and was collecting her things from the dirt when I opened the car door. Three pieces of white roses remained on the ground so I picked them instead.
  • “This must be yours,” I held out the flowers.
  • She smiled out of the blue and panic suddenly rose up to me. She knew me, of course. My face has been all over the news for a month already.
  • “I was really about to give them to you,” she said.
  • Why?  I gave her a bitter smile. Because you pitied me?! I wanted to cut the conversation short and drive off somewhere again but my hands reached out to give the flowers back to her.
  • “Those are for you. There must be a reason why I slipped and you picked them up. You looked upset when I first saw you so I want to give them to you,” she said “It should remind you that everyone in the world has their own problems to deal with too.”
  • I was confused so I called her out. She played deaf to my call and continued walking. Without thinking, I ran after her and grabbed her by the arm. I withdrew my hands immediately when I noticed her staring at it with concern, “Hey…”
  • “Take it,” she looked back at the roses.
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