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Chapter 6 I didn’t wish to be a Zel Cantheliz

  • (TYRON)
  • The glittering flashes of camera looked like stars on land that late afternoon. People stared from the lobby and some more crowd looked when I exited the hospital. Reporters littered around and swarmed to me to possibly get my statement.
  • My mouth felt too sore to even talk and all the flashing lights around invaded the privacy I wanted for myself after my father had just died. My men formed me a barricade and it was only at those times that I was able to appreciate their presence.
  • The visit wasn’t held a secret to the people. My life was too newsworthy for social media to ditch. They were actively on the watch for something big to happen.  They’re constantly waiting to reveal a flaw that could taint my family’s reputation. After father fell on a coma, their secret lenses followed me wherever I go. I was also vulnerable to death. Security was heavy throughout the vicinity in case an attack was attempted against me. Amid all their clamors and questions, all I wanted was some peaceful place to go.
  • Deo, my secretary, squeezed in through the crowd to escort me back to the hospital. I’ve been careless enough to have went right through the main exit.  He led me and the rest of our guards to the hospital’s backdoors.
  • “Your keys,” I ordered.
  • Deo handed them to me without questions. He knew too well that people are familiar with all my cars and I didn’t want any mass attention that moment.
  • My valet opened the car door but I stopped him and insisted I would drive instead. He tried to express concern but nobody could ever stop me from doing what I wanted. I needed to be alone.   
  • “Nobody is coming with me! Make the media believe I was still stuck in the hospital if that’s the least all of you could do for me.”
  • My voice was actually shaking but I tried to hide it. I can no longer hold back the tears I kept from welling up in front of the crowd.
  • I should not be seen in my weakness. Not by the people who saw me as their prey or by the people who knew me as their faultless boss.
  • I turned on the engine and went off at full speed until I was out of sight. My heart was so heavy, and I really didn’t care where those wheels would take me. Anywhere quiet would do. All I wanted was some respite, maybe just for a few moments, from my otherwise troubled life.
  • I hadn’t wished for all of this. I didn’t wish to be a Zel Cantheliz.
  • @SenaMangampo