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Chapter 5 Farewell James

  • (TYRON)
  • I fooled myself for so long that father will still regain consciousness. He’s been ‘dead’ the moment he was declared brain dead. There was no in-between. I have only spoken to him for few hours in a year and could only recall our few moments together. How abrupt all of it happened was just unacceptable. I suddenly remembered his words that day. How everything would be so hard when he’s gone. And I was already going through so much hardship.
  • Dad had lost so much weight in the hospital. Bones jutted there and there; he was barely recognizable. I felt a little shame that I still haven’t found the girl I could spend the rest of my life with and introduce him to before he goes for the grave. I might not be able to keep the promise we made. But someday, who knows, there might just be a girl that would suit perfectly well with what my parents wished for me.
  • I held my father’s hand and bid the last words I have thought of. It might just be the right time to finally let go. “Tell mom my greetings. I love and thank you both,” I whispered. Patients in comatose still could hear.
  • The crumpled document that Eriez gave me earlier stared from the trash bin like a nightmare. My hands still trembled as I gathered enough courage to take it.
  • “Rest in peace dad,” I leaned in closer to him before finally signing the paper.
  • (ERIEZ)
  • The door to the hospital room creaked open. Wenziel and I both stared at the folder Tyron was holding when he approached us. His eyes went from me to the other doctor with us. Although he went back to hiding his emotions, there was still sadness in his eyes.
  • “Do whatever you want,” Tyron murmured as he handed me the folder.
  • The faint beeping of the machine from inside the room sounded like a requiem already.  As we expected, Tyron didn’t want to be there at James’ passing. He went down the corridor and never looked back at us even once.
  • I couldn’t help but look at the white walls and be reminded of James and Tyron. Like those walls, both had seen deaths more than anyone was allowed to before their hearts break from pain.
  • “That kid had been through so much,” Wenziel said to no one specifically.
  • I agreed and opened the file at my hands. His neat signature caught my sight first. Then the dried tears that blotted the ink on the paper.
  • “Do it,” I said.
  • The doctor nodded at my words. Several people went in with him.  Wenziel did too but I chose to be left outside the room. Before the doors closed, I caught a fleeting glimpse of James and got lost at the sight of white walls again; a thing that has gotten too familiar to me in my entire life as a doctor. Then I went back to gazing at the ticking hand of my wrist watch.
  • “Time of death…” I heard the muffled announcement from inside and decided to walk down the corridor after Tyron. 
  • “Farewell James,” I said in the sterile hospital air.
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