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My Step Sister And I: Pregnant For Me

My Step Sister And I: Pregnant For Me

FearGod Prince

Update: 2021-10-09

Chapter 1 Her First Time

  • "Vicky, i think we shouldn't be doing this," I said as I looked down at her, staring into her eyes.
  • "I know, that's what makes it feel so nice," she said with an evil smile as she took my d*ck in both her hands and brought it to her lips.
  • My step-sister Vicky had always been an incredible teaser to me, even when we were younger. Before I went to university she would tempt me by walking around the building in a skimpy little bathing suit or a pair of extreme sexy underwear, she used to torment me to the end. I always thought that it was because she wanted to make me suffer, that she wanted me to be so sexually frustrated that I would be overcome with desire and guilt and have a break down.
  • For years I believed that she was just sadistic but as we grew older, I realized that it was because she wanted to have power over me. It wasn't because Vicky was inherently power hungry or ruthless, it was because she wanted to have the same influence over me that I had over her. I hadn't realized it but I had been sexually tempting her for years, unknowingly inflicting a desire upon her that was tearing her apart inside. The only way that she could possibly deal with that desire was to turn it back on me, so that's what she did, until suffering became pleasure and our darkest passions became the reality I had never hoped for so long.
  • It all changed after my 2nd semester year 2, I came back home for the break to visit my family and friends, none of whom I'd seen since Christmas. I wanted to reconnect with the people that I missed and was looking forward to taking some time off and enjoying the little break. Things were looking bright for me and I felt like everything was falling into place in my life. I had found a career path that I was excited about, my grades were higher than they'd ever been in high school and I was getting laid, which was probably the best part. 
  • I came home to an empty house and a family that wasn't even there though. My mom and dad had gone on vacation and I was left surprised, I had thought that they'd be here when I got home. Instead, I was left with a note that said "Back soon, just need a little away time. Take care of sister and don't burn the house down." I was a little disappointed since seeing my parents was part of the reason I'd come back home. 
  • "Don't look so down Randy," a voice from behind me said. I turned around and there she was, standing on the stairs, wearing nothing more than a bra and panties, as if she was getting her game on already without even waiting a day. I entered my room, drop my bag and ate. 
  • I walked down the hall and turned to Vicky's big room to see that she was lying on her bed, face turned to the window; Vicky's beautiful back was turned towards me and her legs wear spread wide. My eyes immediately went to the small patch of fabric that barely covered her pu**y and I stared at her gorgeous body as she looked out the window at the storm that was growing before her eyes.
  • "Are you just going to stand there and stare at me Randy or are you going to come in and have a seat," she asked me without turning her head in my direction.
  • "I'm going to come in and sit down," I told her immediately. There was a hint of anger in my voice, I didn't like how she was talking down to me but I also wanted to please her so I walked towards the bed, it was the only place to sit down in the whole room aside from the floor.
  • "Good," she said cheerfully, throwing me off with her sudden change of tone.
  • "How did you even know that I was there," I asked her suspiciously.
  • "I heard you walking down the hall, I heard you talking to yourself too," she told me as I sat down at the end of her bed, she had bent her knees as I walked over so that I had plenty of room to sit and I turned to look at her with shock as the impact of her words settled in. She had heard me talking to myself and knew how nervous I was about confronting her, I had no idea why but this terrified me. "What were you saying anyways, I could hardly hear you," she said.
  • "Just that it's been a long time since I've been home Vicky," I lied. The fear that I felt before had grown more powerful but I managed to suppress it as I focused on breathing deeply.
  • "Oh, is that all," she said as she rolled over without warning. Vicky laid on her back and looked up to stare at me with a devilish look in her eyes and said "why don't you tell me the truth Randy, tell me what you were really saying as you walked to my room."
  • "I told you, I was talking about how I hadn't been home in a while," I said, my tone growing more insistent.
  • "That's a lie," she told me boldly but with a hint of humor in her voice, "you were saying something else, something about being at the top of your game, I heard you."
  • "Now who's lying? You said you didn't hear me," I replied, feeling reassured to have caught her in a deception.
  • "I said I could hardly hear you, not that I couldn't. Besides, that's not what's important Randy. What were you wanting to be on top of your game for? Talking to your little step-sister?" she asked with a mischievous smile that told me she knew how nervous I was. "Maybe you should just try to relax and let yourself go for a little bit," she told me as she spread her legs and pushed herself up so her back was against the headboard.
  • I looked down towards her downly for a brief moment and realized that her panties were so sheer that I could see through them, she was cleanly shaven and had a small tattoo above her lips. I couldn't see what it was and didn't want to stare so I immediately tore my eyes away from her crotch and looked up at her. Vicky had just turned eighteen and was still finishing high school, the fact that she had a tattoo was a little shocking especially considering that it was above her pu**y of all places.
  • "Randy, you're staring," she said with mock seriousness, "don't look at your stwpsister that way, it's wrong," she told me before letting out a giggle.
  • "I wasn't looking at your..." I quickly stopped myself before I finished my sentence, knowing what I would say.
  • "Pu**y?" Vicky said as she looked at me, grinning slyly. "Oh don't worry Randy, I won't tell anybody that you were looking at me and it doesn't bother me that you wanted to see it. Did you notice that I got a new tattoo?" she asked.
  • "Uh, no, no I didn't," I said before realizing that she would know that I'd lied, "I mean yes, yes, I actually did," I told her while looking away so I didn't have to meet her gaze.
  • "Good," she said cheerfully, "do you want to see it? Do you want to view my p*ssy? " she asked with a seductive smile.