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Chapter 46 - Death by End

  • It had been close to a millennium since Hein last entered the Demon Realm or Strahgris as what most demons call it in local dialect. The late king of the demons banned him from entering all simply because Hein rejected his proposal to unify the two realms. Now that the ancient king was dead, he was granted entry by his successor, Crown Prince Andrei, who agreed with his ideals.
  • Thunder, lightning and nimbus clouds heralded Hein’s presence in the demon sky. He hovered above the castle like a dragon ready to lay waste on the land. The last time he visited, the foul stench of decaying matter combined with acid permeated all over the kingdom and despite the Ruler of Death himself who had been accustomed to such ghastly odor, still, this sickened him. But now, under the rule of a new king, it changed. The air was lighter and the overall aura had improved, at least in his point of view.
  • Aware that King Andrei was expecting him, he disappeared from the clouds and materialized inside the castle throne room directly. Black and red, red and black and nothing but these two-toned colors greeted him then. They were the basic shades painted all over the decorative walls and arched ceilings. He would have cringed at the boring sight but realized his castle was no way better with its all-black-shades theme.
  • “Welcome, King of Sattus,” far on the other side of the room spoke the new ruler.
  • Hein snapped his head to that direction and simply blinked before finding himself on the base of the dais. Here, he was able to get a closer look of his counterpart: long, midnight hair, perpetual impassive face, piercing blue-green eyes with felid pupils, high cheekbones and sharp jawline, and lastly, ramrod straight back just like him. He was a stark contrast of his foolhardy father who had a waistline beard and protruding stomach.
  • “King Andrei, I see that you have grown accustomed to the throne,” Hein remarked after carefully examining his royal appearance.
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