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Chapter 35 - Death by Goodbyes

  • With her free hand, Solene rubbed her eyes and blinked many times before staring back at her husband. Her eyes were indeed playing tricks on her for this time, as Henri faced her, he looked like himself with the same short, raven hair. There was not a dark blue strand on his head and this relieved her...or at least for a bit. She couldn’t digest much about this information as the current situation demanded her attention.
  • “I apologize you had to see that, Solene,” Henri stated as he approached her. The great scythe disappeared in a blink of an eye, much to her relief. Maybe, she could acquaint with such a weapon during her training, but for now, she preferred it out of her line of sight. “It is inevitable that you’d witness such a horrid sight, but I had hoped it would be at least after your training as a conjurer,” he added.
  • Solene continued to press the bunched up cloth against Tessa’s chest, but her attention fell fully on him.
  • “I’d be lying if I said it’s okay,” she answered, frowning a little. “I know I am bound to see demons and other beings, and even, possibly fight some of them. This is the reason why I agreed to our marriage in the first place: be protected and be trained. I had to grow some backbone if I want to stay alive, protect myself and my family.”
  • Henri stopped inches away from her, reached out and caressed her cheeks.
  • “Wise words, Solene. You are taking this situation with a leveled head.”
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