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Chapter 26 - Death by First Night

  • “Easy now, Solene, are you trying to drunk yourself?” Henri asked when he noticed Solene downing her third flute of wine in less than two hours.
  • They were in the couple’s table located in the central area of the customized stage inside the grand hall of the Rantzen mansion. Behind them was a wall of white tulips supported by massive Greek-inspired pillars. In their front were the guests, comfortably sitting on their seats while a popular Spanish band played their lively tunes.
  • The reception party was in full swing. Spectacular introductions of the Mr. and Mrs. were done earlier by Joyce’s team and well wishes by Solene’s family and Henri’s siblings were done along with the cake cutting, first dance and the toast.
  • Solene was all smiles during these moments while Henri remained pleased with her reactions. He couldn’t keep his eyes off his beautiful wife then, more so now when she was clearly enjoying the alcoholic drink.
  • “No, I...I just find the wine super delicious,” Solene answered as she met his inquiring gaze. Her face and neck were clearly flushed and Henri could no doubt owe it all to the liquor.
  • “Hm,” he tipped his own flute containing the same liquid and softly chuckled, “I can’t blame you, crates of these were imported from France for this occasion alone.”
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