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CHAPTER 8 The Missing Ones

  • If all your life you have waited for someone and suddenly they came in front of you, your first thought will be to touch them, to feel them, to know that they are really not just a fragment of your imaginations.
  • That's what happened to Darach when his mate came in front of him. Darach became so busy in admiring her that he lost control of his beast who was hell bend on claiming her. 
  • Darach knew that he moved too fast.
  • Actually, it was his beast who moved too fast. Centuries he had wasted in thinking that his mate was dead instead of hunting her just because a fucking Oracle said so. 
  • He should never have believed her. Darach got a clear idea now that why Oracles were considered mad beings. But aside from his mate, he can't dismiss that it was the Oracle who had told him the way of these wastelands. 
  • And Darach can sense a large number of Lycans here. Maybe his brat of a sister got her ass kicked by someone on this land. 
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