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CHAPTER 20 Jimmy Aka Victor

  • Life has thrown Darach on his ass. Fate was laughing at him. He was even more fucked up than before. 
  • Darach was back in the tunnel, surrounded by darkness and heartache. Heartache stronger than before, stronger than it has ever been.
  • Darach was sitting on a rock. He didn't know what had happened to his life. He was living in a haze after losing his mate and then one day he came to know that his mate was alive, he found her after centuries of a lonely existence and than 
  • BOOM!!! 
  • He was mateless again and why? Just because he got ticked by an evil bitch who made him believe that she was his mate.
  • His beast was still under her influence. The fool still thought that the vile witch was their mate. The bastard even took control from Darach and went back to that bitch. 
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