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Chapter 69 The Mister’s Story

  • “Mister, you’ve been living all alone all this while. Don’t you have any kids?”
  • “Yes, I do. I have a child whom I reckon is about the same age as you two.”
  • About the same age? To Iris, the words sounded grating because it seemed implausible to not know the age of your child. Unless he was inattentive to such an extent?
  • “Mister, why isn't your child staying with you then? Don’t tell me he or she is living abroad?”
  • She was extremely curious so she continued probing further with her questions. I’m not sure how much information he’ll share with me, but I guess if he’s willing to, then he will share it. If he doesn’t feel like talking about it, then there’s no point asking about it either. 
  • “Abroad? I’m not too sure about that. She could be in the country too. I don’t know. Either way, she’s been missing for a few years.”
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