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Chapter 62 Olivia’s True Colors

  • “Look what you’re saying. Why would she hit me? You’re thinking too much. I accidentally hit it when I was preparing dinner in the kitchen earlier.”
  • It looked like Alice was trying her best to defend Olivia. However, Iris wouldn’t believe that there would be such a coincidence.
  • “Honestly, Alice. All these years, did she really treat you well? I remember you were very reluctant to stay home alone in the past. You always wanted me to stay with you. What did she do to you that made you so afraid?”
  • Iris recalled an incident from a few years ago. She was still young back then, so she didn’t know much about this sort of stuff. Now, she felt like there was a reason for Alice to make such a request. If Alice hadn’t asked her to stay, they wouldn’t have become so close with each other now.
  • “Nothing. Sigh. You’re remembering the old days, right? I was young and felt bored staying home alone. That was why I wanted you to accompany me.”
  • “Is that really true?”
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