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Chapter 61 Her Best Friend’s Bruises

  • This was the house Lucas bought for himself, so Iris couldn’t stay here anymore. She really upset Lucas this time. Besides, since he had kicked her out, this meant that she no longer had to carry out the contract between them. If that was really the case, those two slaps she had gotten were truly worth it. The thought of it calmed Iris’ heart slightly. At least, it wasn’t a bad ending.
  • Iris didn’t have a lot of stuff here. Briefly packing up her belongings, she went straight to Alice’s house. Apart from there, she really had nowhere else to go.
  • “What? Are you surprised?” When she showed up at Alice’s door, she saw Alice’s mouth widen in disbelief.
  • “No. I just thought that you came too suddenly.”
  • “Is it inconvenient? Is she at home?”
  • The ‘she’ Iris mentioned was naturally Alice’s adoptive mother, Olivia.
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