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Chapter 4 Iris in the Lion’s Den

  • “Mom, calm down. I’ll go out and search for her in a bit. It’s impossible for a person to just vanish into thin air. Maybe she is hiding somewhere.”
  • “My foolish son… Why do you still not understand? We drugged her yesterday. How can she escape under those conditions? I currently suspect that she might have entered the wrong room after the drug kicked in. Did she sleep with another man?”
  • “Let me make this clear first. The price Mr. Howard paid is for a virgin. If somebody else took her virginity, Mr. Howard will not be pleased.”
  • Iris stood outside the door, listening in confusion. She did not quite understand the conversation between the three people inside the room. Drugged? Did they drug me? Thinking back, she had felt very dizzy last night. Moreover, her physical condition had been strange too. I do remember feeling as if my body was on fire. Besides, now that I think about it, the crazy things I did in bed last night were not something I would normally bring myself to do. I was drugged with an aphrodisiac. The sudden realization hit her.
  • “That’s impossible; it won’t happen. It was just speculation on my part. Don’t worry. I will definitely find her for you and deliver her to Mr. Howard’s bed in pristine condition.” Amy’s flattery made Iris sick.
  • “That had better be the case. That way, we can settle this easily. Still, you’re pretty amazing, Dexter. I can’t tell from your normal behavior at all. To think you would bring out your wife and give her to another man at such a critical moment. That courage… That’s not something most men can do.” The words of that unfamiliar man caused Iris to fume with rage. Would Dexter really do this to me?!
  • Iris couldn’t hold back anymore—she couldn’t stand listening to the vile conversation taking place inside the room any longer. Besides, the conversation was clearly revolving around her. Bam! She kicked the door open.
  • “Dexter Watson! What are you talking about?! Did you give me to another man?! I am your wife! I am your newly-wedded wife!” Her hysterical screams echoed throughout the room. Everybody was dumbfounded—they didn’t know how long this woman had been standing outside the door.
  • “You little b*tch! Where did you disappear to last night?! Huh?! We clearly sent you to the hotel room. Did you go crazy and went out looking for men on your own?!”
  • Although those harsh words were filled with insults aimed at her, they were merely Amy’s words. She didn’t care what her mother-in-law thought of her; what she cared most about was how Dexter was going to explain the situation to her.
  • “Iris, I only have one question. Last night, you—”
  • Slap. Iris slapped Dexter—it was a powerful hit that landed squarely on his face. In all the years that she had known him, this was the first time she ever raised her hand against him. “Can you even be considered a man?! What do you take me for?! A whore?!”
  • “Who do you think you are?! What right do you have to hit my son?! I can't even bring myself to hit him. How dare you hit him, you slut?!” Amy was not to be outdone. She reached out and slapped Iris in return.
  • Iris saw stars dancing before her eyes and smelled blood in the deepest part of her mouth. She spat at the ground—her saliva was mixed with fresh blood. “Divorce. I want a divorce.” She had never lost her composure like this before; she looked like a crazy woman.
  • “Did you think it’d be that easy to escape from my family? Garrett, stop staring blankly. Take this chance to capture this b*tch, drug her senseless, and send her over to Mr. Howard.” Amy had never intended on letting Iris escape. Seeing that Dexter was wavering, she seemed even more anxious than ever.
  • The man known as Garrett Davidson seemed stunned for a moment. Even somebody familiar with the workings of the underworld like him had not expected this family to be so vicious. “Alright.” Since the mastermind had spoken, he had nothing to hesitate about anymore.
  • When Iris saw the man approaching her, she suddenly felt a strong sense of regret. I shouldn’t have returned to this place. I have walked into the lion’s den. Her helpless gaze turned toward Dexter. How I wish this husband of mine could suddenly rediscover his conscience and save me from this dangerous situation. Regrettably, Dexter simply stood there motionlessly as if this had nothing to do with him.
  • “Dexter Watson, are you really so inhumane?!” The expression on her face following her furious roar was of endless despair as she watched her former mother-in-law walking toward her with a blood-curdling smile and several unknown white pills in her hands.
  • All of a sudden, Garrett grabbed Iris by her chin. Although she struggled with all her might, her resistance seemed so pathetic and weak in the face of her opponents. Then, the pills were forcefully stuffed into her mouth. Furthermore, it wasn’t just one but two pills.
  • Cough, cough, cough… She choked so badly that she couldn’t breathe, and the violent coughing turned her face purple.
  • “Don’t let her die; give her some water,” Amy said those cold words while looking at Iris, who was curled up on the ground.
  • Dexter seemed like his soul had flown out of his body. He was still standing there stupidly. If not for Amy’s reminder, he would not have come back to his senses.
  • Thus, a glass of cold water was forced down Iris’ throat. Her face was tear-stained. Is this man really the Dexter I know? He knows that I have a weak stomach; I can’t drink cold water.
  • “Dexter, you really are cruel.” She finally felt slightly more comfortable and used up all her energy to whisper those words to Dexter. In her daze, she saw Dexter opening and closing his mouth repeatedly. However, she couldn’t hear anything anymore—the entire world had fallen silent in an instant.
  • Iris felt a splitting headache that was similar to the feeling she had last night. When she opened her eyes again, she found herself in an unfamiliar environment again.
  • Unfortunately, her mind was clear this time around. She knew that she was probably waiting for the arrival of the ‘Mr. Howard’ they mentioned to come and ravage her body. No. I can’t just sit here doing nothing. I will not allow anybody to have their way with me. She struggled and tried to sit up, but her entire body was weak. She didn’t even have the strength to sit up in bed.
  • Therefore, she stopped struggling and quietly waited for Mr. Howard to arrive. She knew that it was practically impossible for her to escape today. Why did I have to marry such a scumbag? Bits and pieces of the past were vividly engraved in her mind. It was a pity that they could only become a memory of the distant past. She knew that she and Dexter could no longer go back to how they were in the past.
  • “Mr. Howard, please take your time to enjoy yourself. I guarantee that she will not be able to escape again.” A man’s voice sounded from outside the room. Iris strained her ears to listen to their conversation. However, nothing else was said after that. The room must be layered with a thick carpet. Otherwise, why can’t I hear the sound of footsteps?
  • Click.
  • That’s the sound of the door closing. Does that mean the Mr. Howard they mentioned has entered the room?