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Chapter 22 You’re An Incredibly Dumb Woman

  • Iris saw Grant walking toward her with a piece of paper in his hand.
  • “Look. One million.”
  • He tossed the piece of paper in front of her. Picking it up to take a look, she saw that it was indeed Dexter’s handwriting—that much she could ascertain. When did Dexter borrow all this money? Was it because of his illness as well? But who are these kidnappers? I’ve never seen such a relaxed kidnapping before. It’s as though they’re playing a game.
  • Nonetheless, it was true that Dexter owed them money.
  • “Have you verified it? Is that your husband’s handwriting? I don’t know how much longer that fellow is going to live for. I’m even afraid that he might die all of a sudden. If that happens, we will shift the debt onto you. Got it?”
  • Iris firmly believed that there was no such thing as a free lunch in the world, but she never expected to be served a massive IOU.
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