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Chapter 193 Louis’ Investigation

  • “He’s back? Great! I don’t have to send someone to tail him now.”
  • “Don’t you understand, Lucas? When I met Uncle Otis just now, I felt that something was off. His tone of voice and his expressions were sort of different from before.”
  • “Why? Did anything good happen?”
  • “That’s what I’m worried about. I’m scared that he might have done something. Plus, Dad is coming back tonight. I hope we can find a clue or two about what happened before he arrives.”
  • “How are we going to do that? Uncle Otis is already back, and Dad will be back in three hours—what can you hope to find out in just three hours? Why don’t we just let Dad in on the details and let him decide what to do? This is between them brothers, after all.”
  • Upon saying that, Lucas leaned back on the chair, clearly relaxed. Right from the beginning, he had never taken Louis’ words seriously, for he didn’t think that this was a grave situation.
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